Thanks for helping us run youth substance abuse out of town!

Naturally, your school wants to take the pennant to prove you are the best. Here’s how you can win.


Schools will be ranked on the following measures for the best participation (100 total points possible):

  • Most Registrations (50 points possible)
  • Most Tweets (25 points possible)
  • Most Race Day Spirit (25 points possible)


Each school is issued a registration discount code. Each time that school’s code is used, that school will be given credit for a registration. The code is good for a 5% discount so be sure you know your code and use it!

Here is a list of currently issued codes:

School Code
American Leadership Academy ALA
Arizona Christian Homeschoolers ACHS
Campo Verde High School CVHS
Desert Hills High School DHHS
Gilbert High School GHS
Highland High School HHS
Highland Junior High School HJHS
Highland Park Elementary HPE
Imagine Charter School of West Gilbert ICS
Leading Edge Academy LEA
Legacy Traditional School LTS
Mesquite Elementary School MES
Mesquite High School MHS
Neely Traditional Academy NTA
San Tan Charter School STCS
Settlers Point Elementary SPE
South Valley Junior High School SVJH

If your school doesn’t have a code yet, please email Victor Petersen and request one at


Each time a unique tweet promoting the event is posted that uses the iRun4Good hashtag (#iRun4Good) AND the school’s hashtag, the school will get credit.

For purposes of this competition, we will use the registration codes with a hashtag on the front for the school hashtags. As such, here are the school hashtags:

School Hashtags
American Leadership Academy #ALA
Arizona Christian Homeschoolers #ACHS
Campo Verde High School #CVHS
Desert Hills High School #DHHS
Gilbert High School #GHS
Highland High School #HHS
Highland Junior High School #HJHS
Highland Park Elementary #HPE
Imagine Charter School of West Gilbert #ICS
Leading Edge Academy #LEA
Legacy Traditional School #LTS
Mesquite Elementary School #MES
Mesquite High School #MHS
Neely Traditional Academy #NTA
San Tan Charter School #STCS
Settlers Point Elementary #SPE
South Valley Junior High School #SVJH #WeAreSouthValley

If your school has another hashtag you want used, please email Victor Petersen at and he will add it to this list.


On the day of the race, the main stage will be the gathering place for participants to learn more about how they can combat substance abuse. Sometime between 9 and 10 AM, each school will be called on in turn to make as much noise as possible as a show of spirit. The judges will rank the responses on a scale from 1 to 10 which will determine the points awarded to each school on this measure.


On each measure, the highest raw score will determine the amount needed for the full points possible. Each school will be awarded the same percentage of points possible as their raw score percentage of the high score.

For example, if the most race registrations for any school is 300 and a school has 150 registrations, they will receive 25 points on the measure of Most Registrations (150/300 = 50%, 50% x 50 = 25).

The school that receives the highest total points, will win the competition.


The school that wins, will take the Red Pennant home to show off in their gym!